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Elementary Classes
Montessori Children's Room
Elementary Classes  

Elementary 1 Classes

This state approved classroom provides opportunities for children 6-9 years of age to explore concepts in a variety of ways: concrete, abstract, and through real-life experiences.

The curriculum follows a definite order beginning with hands-on materials and gradually moves toward abstract thinking. Children are submerged in Reading, through a phonetic-based program, and Math on a daily basis through independent study as well as group settings. The children receive lessons in mathematical operations and basic facts of addition, multiplication, subtraction and division, fractions, time, money, and measurement, as well as many other areas that challenge each child to reach their full potential. Cultural lessons are presented throughout the year in the areas of Zoology, Botany, Geography and History. Each lesson is aimed to encourage higher-level thinking skills and spark the child's inner desire to research and discover. These concepts are explored in a tangible, hands-on approach through different experiments and activities.

Elementary 2 Classes

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